2 Week Paleo Cleanse

Ready to jump start your weight loss? Want to reduce some of the bloating in your belly?  Our 2 Week Whole Foods cleanse can help you do that. It is Paleo based in a sense that we eliminate refined and processed foods.  However, this is not the typical high fat, high protein diet that you may associate with the Paleo diet.  Our Holistic Nutritionist on staff takes a whole foods approach to each and every client, assessing their lifestyle and health needs before creating their customized plan.

Inflammatory foods are removed from the diet, vitamin rich anti-inflammatory foods are added. You may find that you experience reduced bloating, weight loss, less cravings, more energy and an overall enhanced sense of wellness.  Our cleanse is whole foods based, meaning we do not prescribe pills or other liquid cleanses.  We do include a raw/vegan protein shake to supplement healthy plant-based protein in the diet and add important pro-biotics as well.

If you’re interested in our two week cleanse, please send an email to Stacey@naturanutritionist.net for more information.


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