Two for One Buddy Personal Training Special

  • February 2018 Personal Training Special
  • Ultimate Fitness- Monmouth County, NJ

From now until the end of February 2018- you can buy a 10 pack of half hour personal training sessions at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County for $350 and bring a friend with you to train for FREE.

Pair up with a friend, spouse, co-worker or loved one and tackle 10 x half hour personal training sessions together! It’s time to get out of the boring gym routine and challenge yourself to earn more results.

Buddy personal training keeps you motivated and accountable! Our personal trainers will tailor workouts to your fitness level while challenging you each time to move a little beyond your comfort zone.  You’ll learn new fitness routines, how to use more of the equipment in the gym, different exercises to target different parts of the body and more.

*This offer is for new personal training clients or clients not currently working with a trainer at Ultimate Fitness.  The gym will select a trainer for you based on your schedule and availability. Not all personal trainers are participating in the offer. Morning, afternoon and evening appointments are available.*

Our personal trainers can work with you regardless of your age, weight or fitness level.  In other words- there is no such thing as ‘too old’ or ‘too out of shape’ to begin a new fitness routine.

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CLICK HERE to buy your package of 10 personal training sessions online.  After your purchase your sessions, we will reach out to you via email or text or call Stacey at 732-757-7944 to schedule your buddy personal training sessions.

Meet The Best Personal Trainers in Monmouth County

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A Head to Toe Workout On Your Gym’s Rowing Machine

If you’re looking to get an amazing workout from head to toe, increase your cardio respiratory fitness and do it all with little or NO impact on your body- look no further than the rowing machine at our Monmouth County gym.

Tucked towards the back of our cardio deck at Ultimate Fitness is the rowing machine.  This unassuming piece of equipment can provide you with one of the most comprehensive workouts in a very short amount of time.  Simulating the movement and resistance of being on the water, this exercise requires you to engage multiple muscles in your upper body, lower body and your entire core.  At the same time, you are greatly enhancing your cardio respiratory fitness with absolutely NO impact on your joints.

It is estimated that you can burn around 600 calories per hour rowing.  Plus- rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups.  The primary muscles worked are the quadriceps, the large muscles of the thigh.  However your lower and middle back, hamstrings, calves, glutes and biceps will all be engaged to perform this movement.  Basically you’ll feel the burn from head to toe.  Running on the treadmill can’t compare to the workout you get from rowing- plus you avoid the impact on your joints. 

If you would like to incorporate rowing into your daily exercise regimen, you can request an appointment with one of our personal trainers in Monmouth County to teach you the proper way to use the rowing machine.  Your half hour session will not only include instruction on how to use the machine but the proper form and technique to maintain while doing this exercise as well.

Instructional sessions are just $25 per half hour. These are not personal training sessions.  They are instructional and educational.  For more information please email

Watch this slow motion video of Laura exercising on the rowing machine at our gym in Monmouth County.

About Ultimate Fitness in NJ

We are a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County owned and operated by sought out personal trainer, Edward Albert.  Eddie is the director of all training at Ultimate Fitness and also co-owns Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training & boot camp gym in Monmouth County, with his wife.  Both gyms offer nutritional meal plans and weight loss programs with one-on-one personal training or group boot camp training sessions.

97 Year Old World War 2 Vet Does TRX Training in Monmouth County

If you’ve ever thought you’re just too old to get fit, take a look at Jerry.  He is a 97 year old World War 2 vet that believes in the power of fitness and nutrition.

Jerry is working with Monmouth County personal trainer, Gary Gresko, of Aging Greatly Now.  Gary is in his 70s and works with other seniors who want to get fit but are too intimidated by gyms and gym atmospheres to do it alone.

Jerry follows a vegetarian diet and does plenty of exercise to keep his mind and body feeling young.  He loves walking around NYC and doing is training sessions with Gary and friends. Jerry is an example of how proper health and nutrition can not only extend your life, but add to your quality of living as well.

Boost Cardio with the Jack and Press Exercise

If you’re searching for calorie torching exercises that blast fat and help sculpt lean muscle, don’t overlook the Jack & Press!  This is a variation of the traditional jumping jack that incorporates a weighted med ball or dumbbells to up the intensity.

Eddie Albert, a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, gives you the run down on the Jack & Press:

The Jack & Press is a great exercise to include in your cardio routines as well as your strength routines.  If you want to get your heart rate up a little on lift days, add a set of 10 Jack & Press reps in between sets to keep blood flowing and the metabolism burning up calories.

In addition to being a great cardio workout, this move helps define the shoulders and is also great for coordination. Another aspect we really like about this exercise is that it can be done anywhere and zero fancy equipment is needed.  If you don’t have a med ball or dumbbells, use anything that has some weight to it.  A kettle bell, a gallon jug of water…get creative.  This is an exercise you don’t need the gym for.

To do the Jack & Press start by holding your weighted object in front of your chest with your feet together.  Then simultaneously jump and spread your feet apart (as you would do in a jumping jack) and push the weighted object over your heat.  Return to starting position and repeat for 10 reps. The heavier you go, the harder it will be.  For strength use a higher weight, for a good cardio boost use a lower weight and knock out more reps.

Watch the Jack & Press:


About Eddie:

Eddie is a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ. His body building back ground mixed with his present day CrossFit training is what helps him create workouts that can taylor to any fitness level, any age, and any results-oriented individual.  Eddie owners Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County as well. He is the director of training at both gyms.

New Year’s Weight Loss Challenge

Are you making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight in 2018?  Are you looking for a motivating weight loss program in Monmouth County where you can work with skilled personal trainers AND a nutritionist to help you lose weight and reclaim your health?  Our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone (just a few doors down from us in the same shopping plaza), is doing just that.

Ultimate Fit Zone is a boot camp gym in Monmouth County.  They are the home to the ORIGINAL 90 Day Transformation Challenge- a weight loss program that gives you great workouts with personal trainers combined with the assistance of a nutritionist to help you re-learn your relationship with food and how to eat good foods that steer your towards your health and wellness goals.

Lose Up to 30 Pounds With The Transformation Weight Loss Program

Past participants of the 90 Day Challenge at our Monmouth County gym have lost upwards of 30 pounds or more!  The program is not about an extreme diet or eliminating food groups like carbs.  Just the opposite.  Our nutritionist writes meal plans that show you recipes, portion sizes and tips for eating very delicious foods but with a healthy twist.  Recipes include low fat baked chicken parm, crocpot buffalo chicken, avocado deviled eggs, smoothies, oatmeal muffins and more.  This weight loss challenge is about making long-term changes that can have a lasting impact on your health.

To learn more about the 90 Day Transformation weight loss challenge and to see before and after photos of past participants, visit our official Transformation Weight Loss Challenge page.

Deals on Personal Training in Monmouth County

With January 2018 right around the corner, more people are thinking about those New Year’s resolution- and the majority of Monmouth County residents have or will set a resolution to better their health.  A Personal Trainer can help you do that and we have some special holiday deals for you!

Bonnie’s Spin + Personal Training Package:

(5) one-on-on, half hour personal training sessions with Bonnie AND (5) spin classes with Bonnie. That means you’re getting 10 opportunities to be motivated, encouraged and pushed to work your hardest by one of the best trainers around. 10 workouts for just $159.

Spin classes take place Mondays at 6pm, Wednesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9am at Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County. The one-on-one personal training sessions will be scheduled between you and Bonnie at mutually agreeable times.

To purchase this package, stop in to Ultimate Fitness during staff hours: Monday/Wednesday 5p-8:30pm and Tuesdays/Thursday from 9am-12pm.

You can also email us or call 732-531-3586 and ask for Bonnie.

Train with Chris OR Greg for just $25 per half hour session

Both personal trainers, Chris Oliveras and Greg Vilme, are offering a reduced price on packages of 10 half hour sessions.  Through the holidays you pay just $250–regularly $350.

You can buy these personal training specials for yourself or for someone else as a gift.  If you visit the gym during staff hours (Monday/Wednesday 5p-8:30pm and Tuesdays/Thursday from 9am-12pm) someone can write up a gift certificate for you.

Gym Membership Discounts and Specials

We have other gym deals and personal training specials for the holidays.  Click ‘gym deals monmouth county‘ to learn more.

About Ultimate Fitness Gym in NJ

Ultimate Fitness is a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County.  The gym is owned and operated by fitness expert and sought out personal trainer, Eddie Albert.

Why All Men and Women Should do Lateral Shoulder Raises

As a personal trainer at the Jersey Shore (Monmouth County) you can believe that I work with a lot of men and women who want to improve their physique and look good on the beach.  For men AND women, that means reducing some excess fat on the body and building up some lean muscle tissue.  One of the first places I start is with the upper body.  The shoulders really catch your attention on someone if they are shaped nicely.  For men- shoulders not only help fill out your t-shirts but they broaden your silhouette and give the appearance of a strong upper body.  For women, adding some lean muscle to your shoulder area actually helps shrink the appearance of your waist and lower body.

The lateral raise is a great exercise to build up the outer portion of the shoulder and give some more of that hour glass look.  For men, it will give you a broader silhouette and also helps with shoulders that slope downwards.

The Lateral Raise primarily works the lateral deltoid, which is the middle portion of the deltoid muscle. The anterior (front) deltoid, posterior (back) deltoid, and upper traps will activate as well.

How to Perform the Lateral Raise

  1. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Slightly bend hips and knees. Hold dumbbells at your sides with your palms facing in. Bend your elbows slightly.
  2. Holding your core tight, raise the dumbbells to your side until your upper arms are  shoulder height (do not exceed shoulder height).
  3. Lower the dumbbells to the starting position.


About Eddie:

Eddie is a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ. His body building back ground mixed with his present day CrossFit training is what helps him create workouts that can taylor to any fitness level, any age, and any results-oriendted individual.  Eddie owners Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County as well. He is the director of training at both gyms.

Build Shoulder Strength: Behind The Neck Strict Shoulder Press

Having strong shoulders doesn’t just look good physically, it can help you with better posture, greater overhead strength, greater control and strength with certain Olympic lifts (barbell clean, snatch, etc) and increased strength in your upper back. One forgotten muscle building exercise for shoulders is the behind-the-neck shoulder press.  The most common shoulder press exercises are the military press and the dumbbell shoulder press.  Both excellent for building muscle and strength…along with your lateral and forward raise dumbbell exercises as well. But behind-the-neck press offers some additional benefits that make it worthwhile to incorporate into your workout routine.

Probably the biggest benefit from the behind-the-neck press is that it engages more of the shoulder muscles than the traditional military, and really hits the posterior delt well.  The barbell press from the front works more of the front deltoid.  If you’re bench pressing, you’re also getting front deltoid work- so why not switch things up every now and then and broaden your workout tool box?

Behind the neck is also great for strengthening the upper back.  If you also enjoy olympic lifts, this will help with your strength and stability on the snatch, push press and jerk.

NJ Personal Trainer Demonstrates Behind The Neck Shoulder Press


Is Behind The Neck Press Safe?

Generally, most of us can safely do a behind the neck press.  If you have rounded shoulders (kyphosis) you should not do the behind the neck press just yet.   The kyphosis generally means you have weakened and tight shoulder muscles as well as upper back muscles.  As a personal trainer in Monmouth County, if one of my clients has rounded shoulders, I work on developing the muscles in the back, shoulders and even chest to help strengthen the muscles and aid in posture correction.

If you have poor shoulder mobility- the behind the neck press will be difficult for you and could possibly injure you.  You should work on your mobility first and then attempt behind the neck presses with very light weight.  Again- if your shoulders are tight- don’t force the position. Work on mobility first.

In conclusion, for building strength in the shoulders and upper back, try incorporating the behind-the-neck shoulder press into your routine.  You should work with a personal trainer or have someone spot you to minimize risk of injury if this is your first time attempting the lift.  Always start with a lighter weight than you would use for a front of the neck press until you get comfortable.

About Eddie:

Eddie is a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ. His body building back ground mixed with his present day CrossFit training is what helps him create workouts that can taylor to any fitness level, any age, and any results-oriendted individual.  Eddie owners Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County as well. He is the director of training at both gyms.


Russian or American Kettle Bell Swing? Which is Right For You?

The kettle bell craze of the fitness industry is not going away any time soon.  Kettle bell exercises are such a great way to combine strength training with cardio output for workouts that really blast fat and target lean muscle building.  As a long time personal trainer, I’m always looking for ways to get the most out of any workout for my clients.  Using Kettle Bells is a great way to get people of all fitness levels into better shape.

The Kettle Bell swing is one of my favorite exercises because it targets so many muscle groups, including the core, and requires cardio output.  So you’re getting more bang for your buck…or bell :-)

In my personal training workouts and especially in the Cross Training boot camp I run in Monmouth County, I incorporate kettle bell swings often.  Depending on the client, we may either do a Russian Swing or the American Swing.   If you’re trying to decide which type of swing is best for you- you should know that the answer largely depends on your personal mobility in addition to the goals you have for the workout.

The Russian swing stops at about mid chest with the arms extended straight out in front of you. It’s better to choose a heavier weight for this swing and let your lower body force drive the kettle bell up to your chest.

The American kettle bell swing brings the bell all the way up above your head, so at the top of the movement the kettle bell is directly in line with your spine.  It requires a little more force from your lower body, and for that reason you should swing less for an American than you can normally do for a Russian.

Is the American Swing safe?

It’s a complicated question.  First- if you have strong shoulders and good shoulder mobility, the American kettle bell swing is generally safe for you. I say ‘generally’ because every person is very unique and we can’t look at fitness as a one size fits all situation.  The danger people point out in the American swing is that having the arms extended all the way above the head, bearing weight down on the shoulders while the hands are in a close grip position can be unstable for the shoulder joint.  If you don’t have strong shoulders or good mobility (or in some cases, even if you do), you could injure yourself.  Now, that doesn’t mean we should never do American swings.  Like anything else in life, it means we practice with proper form, caution and with appropriate weights for our ability. It also means we don’t over use the shoulder joints by performing American KB Swings several times a week and at high repetitions.

Whenever I’m personal training anyone with shoulder joint issues, we work on a Russian swing. If my client or my boot camp clients are capable of doing the American swing, then we work with the American.  Fitness is very unique to you as an individual and that’s why you need to seek out a gym or personal trainer in Monmouth County that can accommodate  your personal needs.

American Kettle Bell Swing

Here is an example of one of our clients doing the American Kettle Bell Swing.  You can see force is generated from the lower body and the Kettle Bell travels all the way up above her head.  She happens to have excellent shoulder mobility, more than most people, and very strong shoulder joints.


I hope I was able to shed some light on the topic of kettle bell swinging.  For information about our Cross Training boot camp in Monmouth County, visit our sister website

Are Kipping Pull Ups Easer Than Strict Pull Ups?

Being a former body builder, presently a personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ and now having done CrossFit for so many years, I often hear the argument of kipping pull-ups versus strict pull-ups.  If you aren’t familiar with kipping pull-ups, I have included a video below.  The basic movement involves swinging your legs and doing a hip snap to help propel the body up and get the chin above the bar.  Whereas a strict pull-up the body hangs perfectly still and only the upper body is used to pull the chin up to the bar.

The argument is that a kipping pull-up is ‘cheating’.  First – what is it cheating?? The movements are different and can be used to accomplish different goals. It depends on the individual and the individual’s fitness goals.

Because strict pull-ups require more upper body strength, they are better for isolating the back muscles and building muscle as well. People who are involved in CrossFit and cross training that want to work on speed and be able to do more reps use the kipping pull-up.  I will say that before you do kipping pull-ups, you should first work on strict pull-ups.  You want strong muscles around the shoulder before you start doing speed movements like kipping pull-ups.  This will reduce your risk of injury as you will be better able to control the movement at the top and bottom.

There are benefits to doing kipping pull-ups besides speed.  First, more muscles are used to perform the move.  The leg swing and hip snap work lower body muscles in addition to the upper body pull.  Because more muscles are being used, more cardiovascular output is needed.  This can help improve your cardio performance while working on more total body conditioning.  You will build strength as well.

A good workout idea is to do some strict pull-ups to isolate the back muscles, then as you fatigue, crank out a few kipping pull-ups to end the set.  You should learn to do kipping pull-ups from a qualified coach and practice them often to reduce your chance of injury.  This move involves a lot of pull on the shoulder at the bottom.  Having a strong strict pull-up and being able to control the movement at the top and bottom will reduce this risk.

Video: Kipping Pull Ups

About Eddie:

Eddie is a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ. His body building back ground mixed with his present day CrossFit training is what helps him create workouts that can taylor to any fitness level, any age, and any results-oriendted individual.  Eddie owners Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County as well. He is the director of training at both gyms.

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