Build Shoulder Strength: Behind The Neck Strict Shoulder Press

Having strong shoulders doesn’t just look good physically, it can help you with better posture, greater overhead strength, greater control and strength with certain Olympic lifts (barbell clean, snatch, etc) and increased strength in your upper back. One forgotten muscle building exercise for shoulders is the behind-the-neck shoulder press.  The most common shoulder press exercises are the military press and the dumbbell shoulder press.  Both excellent for building muscle and strength…along with your lateral and forward raise dumbbell exercises as well. But behind-the-neck press offers some additional benefits that make it worthwhile to incorporate into your workout routine.

Probably the biggest benefit from the behind-the-neck press is that it engages more of the shoulder muscles than the traditional military, and really hits the posterior delt well.  The barbell press from the front works more of the front deltoid.  If you’re bench pressing, you’re also getting front deltoid work- so why not switch things up every now and then and broaden your workout tool box?

Behind the neck is also great for strengthening the upper back.  If you also enjoy olympic lifts, this will help with your strength and stability on the snatch, push press and jerk.

NJ Personal Trainer Demonstrates Behind The Neck Shoulder Press


Is Behind The Neck Press Safe?

Generally, most of us can safely do a behind the neck press.  If you have rounded shoulders (kyphosis) you should not do the behind the neck press just yet.   The kyphosis generally means you have weakened and tight shoulder muscles as well as upper back muscles.  As a personal trainer in Monmouth County, if one of my clients has rounded shoulders, I work on developing the muscles in the back, shoulders and even chest to help strengthen the muscles and aid in posture correction.

If you have poor shoulder mobility- the behind the neck press will be difficult for you and could possibly injure you.  You should work on your mobility first and then attempt behind the neck presses with very light weight.  Again- if your shoulders are tight- don’t force the position. Work on mobility first.

In conclusion, for building strength in the shoulders and upper back, try incorporating the behind-the-neck shoulder press into your routine.  You should work with a personal trainer or have someone spot you to minimize risk of injury if this is your first time attempting the lift.  Always start with a lighter weight than you would use for a front of the neck press until you get comfortable.

About Eddie:

Eddie is a sought out personal trainer in Monmouth County, NJ. His body building back ground mixed with his present day CrossFit training is what helps him create workouts that can taylor to any fitness level, any age, and any results-oriendted individual.  Eddie owners Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training and boot camp gym in Monmouth County as well. He is the director of training at both gyms.


Gym Deals in Monmouth County

Hey everyone!  Looking for gym deals in Monmouth County?  We are introducing a brand new gym membership option.  Our new two year fitness plan i just $16 a month!

We are a privately owned gym with personalized service.  We strive to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable working out.  No throwing heavy weights around, no crashing barbells into the ground.  We want everyone to get a great workout and be courteous of one another.

nj personal trainer

Eddie Albert, owner of Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness is located on Deal road at the corner of Highway 35 South in the Middlebrook Shopping Plaza.  We offer our members convenient 24 hour access to the facility.  You can inquire about joining by calling or stopping in during our staff hours:

  • Monday and Wednesday staff are there 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday staff are there 9am-12pm

For a faster response, you can also send an email to us by click here.

We have personal trainers on staff as well as a massage therapist.  These services are available for an additional fee. You can email or call to inquire about pricing.  Personal training pricing is available on our website.

Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County is owned by Eddie Albert.  Eddie is a sought out personal trainer and fitness expert leading the industry for more than 30 years.  His career began as a bodybuilder and led to him earning the title of Mr New Jersey in 1992. After that, he made it his life’s mission to help others achieve health and wellness.  From teens to senior citizens, Eddie has worked with people of all ages and fitness levels, and has specialized in training individuals with movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.  Eddie also runs a cross training boot camp a few doors down from the gym where he leads high intensity workouts and offers nutrition and weight loss programs.

Learn more about how we can help you.  Send us an email and get started.

Summer Gym Memberships

Are you staying at the Jersey Shore this summer and want to keep up your fitness routine at a local gym?  Ultimate Fitness in Ocean (close proximity to Deal, Belmar, Avon, Bradley Beach, Ocean Grove and other beach towns) offers short term summer memberships for our out of town guests.

We have 1 and 3 month memberships available at our shore area gym.  While you are here, you can also take advantage of spin classes, personal training, therapeutic and sports massage therapy.

We also offer a boot camp/cross training program at our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone, a few doors down in the same shopping plaza.  UFZ holds group training sessions that are high intensity and use a combination of strength (barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and body weight movements) with cardio (running, rowing, jumping rope) to give you a complete calorie burning workout in about 30 minutes or less.  There are no long-term contracts, perfect for your summer fitness routine.

To learn more, please call 732-531-3586.

Monmouth County Gym Collects for Husky House

husky-house-njUltimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County, is collecting sheets, towels and cleaning supplies for Husky House, a non profit group that saves the lives of dogs in critical rescue.  Anyone that can donate gently used items is asked to bring them to the gym, located at 1540 Highway 35 South in Ocean.  The gym will offer a free week pass in exchange for donations.

About Husky House

Husky House is committed to the rescue, shelter, care and adoption of stray, abandoned and unwanted animals in the Tri-State area. We are also dedicated to futhering the public’s education concerning the issues of proper pet care and the importance of spaying and neutering all dogs and cats alike.

Husky House is a non-profit, tax exempt organization (501c3) that was founded by Lorraine Healy.

Husky House is dedicated to helping abandoned Siberian Huskies as well as all breeds of dogs, including mixes, have a second chance in life and a place to call home which they so richly deserve.


Major Changes at Our Monmouth County Gym!

A little over three years ago we started transforming Ultimate Fitness from a grey and pink, dark and dingy gym to a vibrant and fun place to come and work out.  We are nearly complete with the changes.  We got a new logo, new paint throughout the entire gym with new bright colors, new cardio equipment including 7 AMTs, new treadmills, new elipticals, a rowing machine and most recently, two new stationary bikes that are super comfortable and easy to use.

Our new color scheme is bright and fun.  We also installed energy efficient lighting and added an ‘internet cafe’ where members can surf the web, check facebook and email for free.

Here is a shot of the new color scheme showing the carpet and new blue coverings on the equipment. More photos to come!

monmouth county gym

New Family Memberships at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County

Ultimate Fitness is excited to introduce our new Family Membership Package. Now 3 or more family members (must be living at same residence) can have membership access for as low as $65.00 per month.

Once you are a member, your scan card grants you and your family members 24 hour access to the gym, 365 days a year.  Our staff is here Monday through Sunday at designated times (see the home page for staff hours) to help you with anything that you may need.

Remember to take advantage of all that we offer at our 24-hour fitness gym in Monmouth County

  • Personal training
  • Group training
  • Massage therapy by appointment
  • VitaFuse cafe serving up protein shakes and vitamin infused shakes
  • Large cardio deck with flat screen TVs
  • Large free weight area and plenty of cable machines
  • Free fitness evaluation and tour for all new members

We are also excited to be serving Only 8 Frozen Yogurt.  The lowest calorie yogurt on the Planet!!!  Enjoy a serving of frozen yogurt next time you are at Ultimate Fitness or stop by after dinner for a guilt-free dessert!

24 Hour Gyms in NJ- Join for $0 Down

Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County NJ, has announced that they will waive their $99 enrollment fee for all new members for the entire month of January, 2011. The staff is hoping to encourage those who have made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape to start incorporating exercise into their daily routine.

Ultimate Fitness is open to members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Staff is there 7 days a week during specified hours (consult their website for staff hours) for assistance, personal training, class instruction and more.

24 Hour Gyms Offer Convenience for Members

Making exercise a part of one’s daily routine is now easier and more affordable than ever at Ultimate Fitness. With 24 hour access and low membership fees starting at $24.50 per month (no long contract commitment!), it’s easy and affordable for anyone of any lifestyle to get to the gym when it’s convenient for them.

Ultimate Fitness is owned by renowned fitness expert and former Mr. New Jersey, Eddie Albert. Their comprehensive and widely successful personal training program is directed by Chris Alesi, CSCS + CPT, founder of Strive Personal Training, now at Ultimate Fitness. Strive at Ultimate Fitness offers many different levels of affordable personal training and diet coaching. Group programs are available which allow clients to share the cost of personal training sessions. New classes have just begun at Ultimate Fitness including Zumba, Stretch, Yoga and more.

2011 is a great time to commit to being healthier and feeling better, and that’s what it is all about at Ultimate Fitness. Eddie and Chris invite area residents to take advantage of a free week pass (found on their website) and get to know the staff and members at Ultimate Fitness.

For more information contact Eddie

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