Gym Deals in Monmouth County

Hey everyone!  Looking for gym deals in Monmouth County?  We are introducing a brand new gym membership option.  Our new two year fitness plan i just $16 a month!

We are a privately owned gym with personalized service.  We strive to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable working out.  No throwing heavy weights around, no crashing barbells into the ground.  We want everyone to get a great workout and be courteous of one another.

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Eddie Albert, owner of Ultimate Fitness

Ultimate Fitness is located on Deal road at the corner of Highway 35 South in the Middlebrook Shopping Plaza.  We offer our members convenient 24 hour access to the facility.  You can inquire about joining by calling or stopping in during our staff hours:

  • Monday and Wednesday staff are there 5pm-8pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday staff are there 9am-12pm

For a faster response, you can also send an email to us by click here.

We have personal trainers on staff as well as a massage therapist.  These services are available for an additional fee. You can email or call to inquire about pricing.  Personal training pricing is available on our website.

Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County is owned by Eddie Albert.  Eddie is a sought out personal trainer and fitness expert leading the industry for more than 30 years.  His career began as a bodybuilder and led to him earning the title of Mr New Jersey in 1992. After that, he made it his life’s mission to help others achieve health and wellness.  From teens to senior citizens, Eddie has worked with people of all ages and fitness levels, and has specialized in training individuals with movement disorders including Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.  Eddie also runs a cross training boot camp a few doors down from the gym where he leads high intensity workouts and offers nutrition and weight loss programs.

Learn more about how we can help you.  Send us an email and get started.

New 28 Day Fitness Program Includes Spin and Personal Training

We have a new 28 Day Fitness program at Ultimate Fitness that combines spin, personal training and a 24 hour access gym membership to shed extra pounds and tone up for summer.

Get the best of group classes and one on one training with this Gold Fitness Package.  Your package includes:

  • 1 x half hour one-on-one personal training session each week for 4 weeks with Bonnie
  • Unlimited cycle classes with Bonnie for 28 days
  • 28 day pass to Ultimate Fitness Training Center (24/7 access)  (if not already a member)
  • Package price= $199

For more information about this package please call or text Bonnie at 908-433-3535


Horizon B Fit Program

Horizon-b-fit-gyms-njUltimate Fitness in Monmouth County, NJ is pleased to participate in the Horizon B Fit program.

HorizonbFit, offers rewards of $20 per month – or up to $240 annually – to eligible members who enroll and visit a participating fitness facility at least 12 times a month. HorizonbFit also provides full membership privileges to participating fitness facilities, preferred rates, flexible month-to-month membership terms, and “away-from-home” access to a participating facility.

Ultimate Fitness is a 24 hour gym in Ocean, NJ (Monmouth County) offering a number of different fitness and wellness programs including personal training, spin classes, weight loss programs and more.

The ZERO Runner now at Ultimate Fitness

The new ZERO Runner from Octane Fitness is now at Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County.

It’s not a treadmill and there is no power cord to activate the machine. It’s kind of a combination of an elliptical, bicycle and treadmill. It provides a close simulation of running without the impact you get from landing on a solid surface. The Zero Runner is for runners who want to run more efficiently, faster and avoid injuries. You add the miles but not the pounding to your body as you train for your next race.

The ZERO Runner has a much larger range of motion than a traditional elliptical machine.  The pedals are independent so you have free motion and flexibility to create a customized running stride that feels best to your body.


  • Zero-Impact Running
  • Natural, smooth motion that replicates real running
  • Improve efficiency, speed and strengthen muscles
  • Prevent running injuries

Check out the ZERO Runner at Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County


How Personal Training With Eddie Helped Me Recover From My Complete Hip Replacement

Denise’s story…

About 4 years ago I found out that due to a malformation in my right hip, I would eventually need a complete hip replacement. My surgeon advised me to be as active as possible, do anything and everything to keep moving and when the time was right I would know it and be ready to have it replaced.


Denise with her twin granddaughters

Here is where Eddie Albert of Ultimate Fitness in Ocean, NJ made such an impact on my timing and success. He had been my personal trainer for quite awhile, and when I started to have issues he took on my “problem” head on.  Eddie was very helpful and caring, always making suggestions, tweaking some of my Pilates moves, and making sure I didn’t worsen my injury.  Not only did my injury stop advancing so quickly, my physical wellbeing actually improved.

Then Eddie started his own boot camp program a few doors down from the gym at Ultimate Fit Zone.  He really encouraged me to participate in the boot camp.  And of course, with my injury, I didn’t think it was even possible (bear crawls, really?).  But Eddie never stopped encouraging me and showing me how to modify exercises so it wouldn’t upset my  hip. The other people who workout at the boot camp are also great, as is Bonnie, the other personal trainer that works with Eddie. Bonnie also always made a point to stop and direct me in a different way that would be better for my hip.  It was only until just recently that I had to stop training with Eddie and doing his boot camp classes and wait for my surgery date.  Everyday work and family obligations were the most I could manage. Plus I had become a grandmother to TWINS!

I had my surgery on April 9 2014, and just  3 short weeks later, my PT told me I no longer really needed a cane !  The strength training that I did with Eddie at his gym and at the boot camp gym has served me so well. My pain was minimal and my recovery time was so quick!  When I was doing Rehab, the PTs would tell me that just from looking at me perform exercises, it wasn’t even noticeable that I had a hip replacement.  Keeping your body strengthened and conditioned is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not to mention your family. Being a grandmother to twins, there isn’t much time to just sit around!

I think what’s important is that I wouldn’t have done this well if it wasn’t for the support I received from Eddie and the Ultimate family. I am truly grateful for everything! (And believe it or not, I had a lot of fun just trying to keep it going, can’t wait to get back in and have My “hip” kicked!)

June 19, 2014 is my return to the Ultimate Fit Zone boot camp and I am looking forward to getting back into my regular strength training routine with Eddie, Bonnie and the rest of the Ultimate family!

Ultimate Fitness truly practices what they preach; Good health. Plus-Eddie works with purpose and intent, excellent qualities, but he’s also funny as hell!  Great combo.

Plyoga Comes to the Ultimate Family

plyoga-monmouth-countyWe are so excited to announce that Plyoga is now at our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone!  Plyoga is an explosive, high intensity cardio and strength workout that combines Plyometrics with Yoga.  This is a very fast paced training session that works cardio, core, legs and glutes.  Each Plyoga training session is about 50 minutes long.

Come try a free week at Ultimate Fit Zone and experience Plyoga, ZONE 360 boot camp, T360 and HEAT.  Our training programs can’t be beat and there is no better workout experience around!

***Click here to see our schedule of small group training sessions

***Click here to print our a free week pass to Ultimate Fit Zone

Advanta Health Insurance Program

If you are a Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance carrier, you may be eligible to have your gym membership at Ultimate Fitness in Ocean paid! We are a participating gym in the insurance company’s ‘B Fit’ program.

To find out if you are eligible to have your gym membership paid by Horizon insurance, visit

New I-20 Infinity Rig From Rogue is Here!

The I-20 Infinity Rig from Rogue Fitness is now at Ultimate Fitness. The Rogue Infinity Rig system is the base setup for more Affiliates around the world than any other system. These parts have been proven in past CrossFit Games competition, Affiliates, Garage Gyms and top tier training facilities like Ultimate Fitness in Ocean. The idea is simple: create a system that allows for infinite customization no matter what your need.

There are limitless possibilities for pull-ups, bar muscle-ups, squat racks, bench racks, a dip bar and much more.  Take your workout to the next level with the Rogue I-20 Infinity rig.

Here are some photos of the rig.  CrossFit athletes will love using this rig at Ultimate Fitness.  Being that we are open 24 hours, you can come and do your CrossFit WOD any time of the day.

**Please note, we are not a CrossFit affiliate.

Major Changes at Our Monmouth County Gym!

A little over three years ago we started transforming Ultimate Fitness from a grey and pink, dark and dingy gym to a vibrant and fun place to come and work out.  We are nearly complete with the changes.  We got a new logo, new paint throughout the entire gym with new bright colors, new cardio equipment including 7 AMTs, new treadmills, new elipticals, a rowing machine and most recently, two new stationary bikes that are super comfortable and easy to use.

Our new color scheme is bright and fun.  We also installed energy efficient lighting and added an ‘internet cafe’ where members can surf the web, check facebook and email for free.

Here is a shot of the new color scheme showing the carpet and new blue coverings on the equipment. More photos to come!

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