Sculpting a Sexy Back

Are you ready to bring sexy back?  Do you want to work with a Monmouth County personal trainer to sculpt lean back muscles? Our trainers incorporate a variety of training techniques to burn fat and help you develop lean muscle mass.  From dumbbells to kettle bells, barbells and body weight movements, our NJ personal trainers create diverse training routines to keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

Our personal training sessions keep you moving to help you burn as many calories as possible.  From high intensity interval training sessions to body sculpting strength training, our trainers will give you the maximum workout in just 30 minutes.

We offer packages of 10 personal training sessions for $350.  For more information or to meet with a trainer to discuss your needs, send us an email to UFTrainingCenter1540 @ or fill out the form below:

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21 Day Jumpstart Personal Training Program

Our new 21-day Jumpstart personal training program is just what you need to get your health and fitness goals back on track.  It’s been studied that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  So how about spending the next 21 days with the personal trainers at Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County?  Our personal training weight loss package includes:

  • Two x half hour personal training sessions a week for three weeks (six total sessions) at Ultimate Fitness
  • Two group boot camp workouts a week for three weeks (six total) at Ultimate Fit Zone
  • One spin class a week at Ultimate Fitness
  • Three week holistic health meal plan from our nutritionist

This is a $369 value.  First time participants can purchase this weight loss package for just $159 during the months of September and October only.  Beyond that this program is priced at $209.

For more information, please send an email to UFTrainingCenter1540 @

New 28 Day Fitness Program Includes Spin and Personal Training

We have a new 28 Day Fitness program at Ultimate Fitness that combines spin, personal training and a 24 hour access gym membership to shed extra pounds and tone up for summer.

Get the best of group classes and one on one training with this Gold Fitness Package.  Your package includes:

  • 1 x half hour one-on-one personal training session each week for 4 weeks with Bonnie
  • Unlimited cycle classes with Bonnie for 28 days
  • 28 day pass to Ultimate Fitness Training Center (24/7 access)  (if not already a member)
  • Package price= $199

For more information about this package please call or text Bonnie at 908-433-3535


Women Powerlifters

SQUAT 220 lbs / 235 lbs
BENCH 135 lbs / 137 lbs
Deadlift 255 lbs /
FIRST PLACE Masters 165lb class – NOVEMBER 2014 World Natural Powerlifting Federation
FIRST PLACE Masters 165lb class, 2014 Supreme Iron Warrior – RPS Powerlifting Federation
FIRST PLACE Masters 165lb class, in her first meet in June 2014 – World Natural Powerlifting Federation
Kim Peters Powerlifter:

Strong is the new sexy and many NJ women are taking strong to new extremes.  Women powerlifters are a force to be reckoned with and the popularity of the sport is growing rapidly among strong women.

Here at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County, NJ – our resident Powerlifter trainer Chris Marzarella gives men and women what it takes to compete and win powerlifting competitions.

Chris’s training routines for powerlifters helps them master the squat, bench and deadlift, surpassing their own expectations of strength and shattering personal best records.

He has a team of strong women ranging in age from teens to late 50s.  Chris himself recently took first place at his own powerlifting meet in NJ in the 242lb matters class.

Powerlifting Isn’t Just For Men

While body building and strong muscles is typically associated with men, women have a lot to gain by empowering themselves physically.  The American College of Sports Medicine says that higher levels of muscular strength are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke; a lower risk of developing disease, period; and a lower risk of death, period.  Strength training improves blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, and may help with depression and fatigue.  Strength training is also closely linked with better bone mass and strength, very important for women since they are susceptible to osteoporosis.  Both the American College of Sports Medicine and the UK’s National Health Service recommend strength training for ALL adults.  So what are you waiting for??


Personal Training For Injuries

nj-personal-trainerHaving an injury can make it scary to get back into the gym.  Pain and fear of re-injury weigh on our minds.  That’s where a personal trainer like Chris Alesi can really be useful.  Chris is a personal trainer here at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County.  He is also a Certified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner practicing corrective exercise programs with his clients. Corrective exercises work to free clients of low back, neck and shoulder pain and can delicately work around existing or past injuries.

Chris’s holistic approach to fitness aims to look at the body as a whole, and not just at a point of injury.  A weak muscle, for example, may displace others in your body, which then causes others to weaken or overwork themselves into a state of spasm.  This leads to joint pain and a general feeling of malaise as the bones are not being correctly supported by the weakened muscles. Kinesiology may help to address this.

If you have pain or an injury- it is still possible to attain physical fitness goals.  Set up a consultation with Chris to learn more about his services and how they can help you.  Click <here> to learn more about Chris’s experience, degrees and certifications.

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Why You Should Skip Your Workout

Americans are funny.  We tend to think that more is always better.  We eat too much, drink too much, and yes–even workout too much.  More isn’t always better, when it comes to many things in life.  It’s really about finding balance. And that can apply to your diet, work life, social life, drinking and even exercising.

As important as exercise is to our health and wellness goals, resting is equally as important. So is there ever a time when you should really skip that workout????  Yes!  Here are a few:

1. You’re So Sore You Can Barely Move Your Body >Being sore after a workout is not uncommon.  If you’re new to exercising or haven’t worked out in a while- expect some soreness.  If you’re sore to the point where you can barely get out of bed- then you’ve really overdone it.  In that case- you should skip your workout, drink plenty of fluids and let the lactic acid build up in your muscles a chance to dissipate.  Taking a light walk around the block can help keep your blood flowing and move around some of that acid.

2. You’re Really Hungover >  It’s a myth that we can sweat out all the toxins after a long night out.  The truth is that your body is dehydrated after a night of drinking, and the last thing you want to do is eliminate more fluids from your body by working out. That will just dehydrate you even more. Sweating does not rid your body of toxins.  Your liver is there to assist with that.  Sweating is designed to cool you off- not cure your hangover.

3.  You’re Sick >  If you’re sick to the point where you have a fever, you should skip your workout.  If you have a fever then your body is working hard to fight off an illness.  The last thing you want to do is exert that much needed energy to get a pump in your biceps or raise your body temperature any higher.  A high intensity workout could lower your immune system- making it harder for you to get better.


Sometimes it’s ok to skip a workout. You should’t feel guilty.  If your body really needs a break- it will tell you.  The trick is to listen.

About Eddie Albert,  Personal Trainer in NJ

Eddie Albert is the owner and director of personal training at Ultimate Fitness Training Center in NJ and CO Owner of Ultimate Fit Zone. He is a former body builder with a diverse and well rounded background in personal training, body building, CrossFit, metabolic conditioning, speed, power, flexibility, weight loss and more.


NJ Personal Trainer Introduces New 14 and 28 Day Weight Loss Plans

Eddie Albert, a sought out personal trainer in NJ and owner of Ultimate Fitness/Ultimate Fit Zone, has introduced new 14 day and 28 day weight loss programs.  The programs can all be done via email, phone or text, making it possible for anyone, regardless of where they live, to take advantage of his expertise.

The 14 day weight loss program consists of a whole food cleanse that incorporates organic, fresh food for two weeks.  Personal Trainer in NJ | Ultimate Fitness Gym in Ocean NJEddie stresses that this is NOT a starvation or liquid cleanse, but rather a way to cleanse the body of inflammation by eliminating foods that contain antibiotics, hormones, chemicals and additives.  Eddie says this 14 day plan is good for people who want a jump start on their diet or simply need to do a nutritional reset.

The 28 day program is for those who have more weight to lose and are ready to get started on dropping the first 10-15 lbs right now.  Similar to the 14 day program, the 28 day plan contains fresh, real foods like lean proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables.

Each plan offers simple to follow recipes and includes several meals per day.

To learn more about Eddie’s weight loss programs, follow the links below where you will be directed to his boot camp website that details each plan.

14 day weight loss program

28 day weight loss program

About Eddie Albert, Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer in NJ

Eddie has been personal training individuals and groups for about 25 years.  His start in the fitness industry came when he began body building as a professional sport.  He competed and won the title of Mr New Jersey in 1992 before retiring to focus his efforts on helping others.

Since then, he has become one of the most sought out personal trainers in NJ.  He is the owner and director of training at Ultimate Fitness, a 24 hour gym in Monmouth County.  In 2012, Eddie expanded his business and opened a cross training boot camp a few doors down from the gym. Ultimate Fit Zone is now one of the fastest growing boot camps in Monmouth County with the most unique cross training workouts that incorporate lifting, running, rowing, kettle bell training, TRX, plyometrics and more.


Top 3 Best Exercises For Building A Better Butt

Neve has there been so much attention put towards a woman’s derriere as there is today.  JLo pioneered the popularity of the round booty and it has exploded into main stream media.  Since then, women with curves have been embraced more than ever and showcased on the covers of magazines that once only displayed size 0 women.

JLo, Kim K, Sophia Vergara, Beyonce and more are admired for their figures and now it seems like more women want in on the action.  While some have resorted to dangerous plastic surgery attempts to round out their rump, we here at Ultimate Fitness believe that the best way to enhance your physique is with good old fashion diet and exercise.

The glute muscles are no different than other muscles in your body- if you build them up, they will give more definition and shape to your body.  A protein based diet is key to shaping all muscles- so in addition to exercise, you’ll need to eat a clean diet as well.

Our resident personal trainer, owner and director of training, Eddie Albert, has been sculpting body parts for men and women for over 25 years.  We turned to him to find out the three best exercises anyone can do, gym or at home, to build up their booty.

Eddie says there are quite a few exercises to incorporate into your routine to build a better butt, because you want to shape not only the glute muscles but the hamstrings as well, but if he had to pick JUST 3 moves here are his choices:

  1. Squats
  2. Lunges
  3. Step Ups

Here is Eddie’s 15 minute butt boosting workout.  This can be done at home or at the gym.  **Use caution as these exercise moves are advanced and may cause injury if not performed properly.

15 Minute Butt Booster Workout

  1. 20 squats
  2. 20 step ups (each leg) (use a plyo box in the gym.  If at home, stand at the base of your step and try to step on the 2nd or 3rd step.  Beginners should just aim for the 1st step)
  3. 20 lunges


  1. 20 jump squats
  2. 20 lunge hops
  3. Personal Trainer in NJ | Ultimate Fitness Gym in Ocean NJ20 box or step jumps (use the first step in your stair case if you don’t have a small, sturdy box you could jump on) like a plyo box)

Repeat 3x

About Eddie Albert

Eddie is a long time fitness expert in NJ, personal trainer, CrossFit athlete and former bodybuilder. He is the owner and director of all training at Ultimate Fitness 24 hour gym and Ultimate Fit Zone, a cross training boot camp.

How Personal Training With Eddie Helped Me Recover From My Complete Hip Replacement

Denise’s story…

About 4 years ago I found out that due to a malformation in my right hip, I would eventually need a complete hip replacement. My surgeon advised me to be as active as possible, do anything and everything to keep moving and when the time was right I would know it and be ready to have it replaced.


Denise with her twin granddaughters

Here is where Eddie Albert of Ultimate Fitness in Ocean, NJ made such an impact on my timing and success. He had been my personal trainer for quite awhile, and when I started to have issues he took on my “problem” head on.  Eddie was very helpful and caring, always making suggestions, tweaking some of my Pilates moves, and making sure I didn’t worsen my injury.  Not only did my injury stop advancing so quickly, my physical wellbeing actually improved.

Then Eddie started his own boot camp program a few doors down from the gym at Ultimate Fit Zone.  He really encouraged me to participate in the boot camp.  And of course, with my injury, I didn’t think it was even possible (bear crawls, really?).  But Eddie never stopped encouraging me and showing me how to modify exercises so it wouldn’t upset my  hip. The other people who workout at the boot camp are also great, as is Bonnie, the other personal trainer that works with Eddie. Bonnie also always made a point to stop and direct me in a different way that would be better for my hip.  It was only until just recently that I had to stop training with Eddie and doing his boot camp classes and wait for my surgery date.  Everyday work and family obligations were the most I could manage. Plus I had become a grandmother to TWINS!

I had my surgery on April 9 2014, and just  3 short weeks later, my PT told me I no longer really needed a cane !  The strength training that I did with Eddie at his gym and at the boot camp gym has served me so well. My pain was minimal and my recovery time was so quick!  When I was doing Rehab, the PTs would tell me that just from looking at me perform exercises, it wasn’t even noticeable that I had a hip replacement.  Keeping your body strengthened and conditioned is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Not to mention your family. Being a grandmother to twins, there isn’t much time to just sit around!

I think what’s important is that I wouldn’t have done this well if it wasn’t for the support I received from Eddie and the Ultimate family. I am truly grateful for everything! (And believe it or not, I had a lot of fun just trying to keep it going, can’t wait to get back in and have My “hip” kicked!)

June 19, 2014 is my return to the Ultimate Fit Zone boot camp and I am looking forward to getting back into my regular strength training routine with Eddie, Bonnie and the rest of the Ultimate family!

Ultimate Fitness truly practices what they preach; Good health. Plus-Eddie works with purpose and intent, excellent qualities, but he’s also funny as hell!  Great combo.

Olympic Lifting: The Snatch

Olympic-Lift-monmouth-countyThe snatch is a full body exercise that incorporates power and explosiveness.  You won’t see people in gyms doing this movement often. Not only is it hard to learn, but it’s hard to teach yourself.  So unless you have a qualified trainer that can teach you these Olympic Lifting moves, chances are most people won’t incorporate them into their workout.

There are many benefits to incorporating these types of Olympic Lifts into your workout.  Going to the gym is not just about ‘picking things up and putting them down’ and slabbing on pounds of muscle.  You also want to increase your body’s energy level, endurance, cardio health and power .  Incorporating explosive movements like the Snatch into your workout will help you on all of those fronts as well as help you add muscle. The snatch will make you strong, fast, flexible, and functional.

Watch Eddie Albert, owner of Ultimate Fitness and Ultimate Fit Zone, perform the snatch in slow motion. The snatch is performed in ONE continuous movement, keeping the bar close to the body at all times before you power it up over your head.

If you’re interested in powerlifting and olympic lifts, contact us about our Olympic Lift membership where you will learn form and techniques for various olympic lifts, power lifts, gymnastic moves, plyometrics and more. Call 732-428-2111 for info or email

 How to Perform the Snatch


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