28 Day Fat Buster Program

Do you want to lose weight but feel like you don’t know where to start? Have you tried other diet and weight loss programs without any success?   If you need a kick-start to your weight loss plan, you’re in the right place.  Our 28-day Fat Buster Jumpstart Program will get you going in the right direction with weekly personal training sessions and a weekly meal plan to follow.

The 28-Day Jumpstart program is exactly what you need to ease back into achieving your health and wellness goals.  The program helps you start working towards your goals by giving you the tools for success: A) twice weekly personal training sessions, B) a weekly meal plan to follow so you know exactly what to eat and when C) Support from our personal trainers via text or email D) a membership to Ultimate Fitness so you can workout surrounded by people who share the same goals as you in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

28-Day Jump Start Program


When you begin the 28 Day Fat Buster Program, you get

  • Two (2) half-hour personal training sessions per week for 4 weeks ($360 value)
  • A customized weekly meal plan to follow – you’ll know what to eat and when to eat ($120 value)
  • Constant contact with our personal trainers and nutrition consultant for all of your questions or concerns (priceless)
  • 28 day access to Ultimate Fitness (if you’re not member already) so you can come and do your cardio on the days you are not working out with your personal trainer ($50 1-month gym membership value)
  • As stand alone features, this package would cost upwards of $500.  The 28-Day jumpstart program is a limited opportunity to take advantage of professional personal training and meal coaching to kickstart your weight loss for $249.

***If you’re serious about finally getting in shape, then let our personal trainers put you through this rigorous 28 day program to help you burn fat, detox your body and lose weight.  Don’t delay. The 28-Day program will only be available the first few months of the New Year.

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