Greg Vilme

Greg is a personal trainer in Monmouth County who is known for his fun but challenging workouts.  His clients say come prepared to sweat, but also have fun and enjoy some laughs.

“I don’t want people to dread working out or going to the gym,” says Greg, a fitness buff for more than 10 years.  “You can be challenged in the gym, work up a good sweat and still have a good time.”


Greg is a personal trainer at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County

You can find Greg personal training, and also working out himself, at Ultimate Fitness in Monmouth County 7 days a week.  He offers a flexible schedule of training times that can include mornings, afternoons and even late evenings.  Weekends are available as well.

Greg works with all fitness levels and all ages.  For more information about training with him at our Monmouth County gym, please send an email to


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