Ultimate Fitness really has created a team of the best and most experienced personal trainers in NJ.  Eddie Albert, owner and Director of Personal training, has made it his life long mission (he began in this business 25 years ago!) to help as many people as possible achieve their health, wellness and fitness goals.  To do so, he has created a small team of elite personal trainers that offer the most diverse backgrounds and training techniques.  The team includes himself, Bonnie Cioppa,  Gigi Cannata, Chris Oliveras, John Bennett and others.

These aren’t personal trainers who recently completed a weekend certification course and are now taking clients.  Our trainers, simply put, are the absolute best, most versatile and most experienced in the industry.   Nearly every person on the team boasts at least 20 years of experience in fitness, health and personal training. Combined, we have completed hundreds of thousands personal training sessions, we have put in hundreds of thousands of hours working with individuals either one on one or in small group sessions helping them achieve their fitness and health goals.

Below are our Personal Training prices.  Eddie is available to answer your questions and talk to you about the type of training offered and which trainer would be the best match for you.  Call or text Eddie at 732-807-5805.

  • 1 Hour Personal Training Session: $65
  • Buy 10 upfront: $55 per session (you save $100)
  • 1/2 Hour Personal Training Session: $45
  • Buy 10 upfront: $35 per session (you save $100)
**These prices do not include training sessions with Eddie.  Please call for separate pricing

Personal Training at Ultimate Fitness in NJ


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