Senior Fit Club

Ultimate Fitness gym in Monmouth County is pleased to offer fitness and personal training designed for the specific needs of our senior and retired members.  The Senior Fit Club offers light personal training for adults ages 65+ for just $25.00 per half hour session.

Seniors That Exercise Enjoy Better Quality of Life

Part of the prescription for not just a longer life, but a better quality of life, is exercise. In study after study, exercise has been found to counteract the effects of aging by helping to control blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fight osteoporosis, stabilize joints, mange lower back pain, and help to control diabetes.  Physical activity can also protect your heart by reducing the  risk for hardening of the arteries, heart attack and stroke.

Even with all of this amazing health news, there is an even more important reason to exercise: you’ll feel better. When you exercise regularly, you’ll likely find that you sleep better and manage stress better.  You’ll also have more energy to enjoy work and play.

Exercise Program for Senior Citizens in Monmouth County

Our light personal training exercise program for senior citizens incorporates resistance training with light weights, machines, medicine balls and body weight movements.  Resistance training helps us maintain our muscle mass and improve bone density. Plus, straightening our legs and hips can reduce the risk of falls, a serious concern for older adults.

Senior personal training sessions are $25 per half hour session. You must purchase a minimum of 5 sessions. All training must be paid for in advance.   For more information, please call the gym at 732-531-3586 or send an email to

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