Upcoming Weight Loss Programs To Help You Stay Fit

We have several upcoming weight loss programs at our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone in Monmouth County.  Just a few doors down from our gym, UFZ is a 3,000 square foot cross training boot camp center where we combine the very best in high intensity training with nutritional counseling, meal planning and group support.

weight-loss-challenge-monmouth-countyOur weight loss programs have been widely successful and are an integral component of our businesses.  Working one on one with our nutritionist, we will give you the tools you need to maximize your efforts in the gym while you’re in the kitchen.

Don’t miss out on our upcoming opportunities:

  • August 1: Our 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge (going on now)
  • September 21-December 21:  The start of our highly anticipated $1,000 90 Day Transformation/ Weight Loss Challenge
  • December 24th- Our holiday stay fit weight loss motivation!  Stay within one pound of your weight through the New Year!
  • Monday January 4, 2016: New Year’s Resolution!  Time to reset those metabolisms and flush the system of toxins!  21 days to recharge, restart and reset your life!

Please visit the website of our sister facility, Ultimate Fit Zone, to learn more about our weight loss programs.

New Weight Loss Program Available This January

We know that many of you will embark on a new journey to get healthy, lose weight and get in shape in 2015.  To help you accomplish your goals- we are offering two great weight loss programs.  These programs feature a special price and will only be available for the month of January.

Owner, Director of Training, Edward Albert with Bonnie Cioppa, Personal Trainer and HIIT Coach

Our 6 Week Slim Down will include two options:

Option 1: Boot Camp Fat Buster: $199 (At Ultimate Fit Zone- our sister facility)

  • 6 weeks of boot camp training (max 20 sessions)
  • customized meal plan
  • Sunwarrior Vanilla or Chocolate weight loss/protein shakes

Option 2: Personal Training Fat Buster: $299 (At Ultimate Fitness)

  • 6 weeks of personal training – 2x 30 minute sessions each week (based on availability of personal trainers)
  • customized meal plan
  • Sunwarrior Vanilla or Chocolate weight loss protein shakes

For more information on these weight loss programs or to pre-register, send us an email.

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