Front Squat/Thruster Workshop- 2/22/14

**Click here to see photos of our Deadlift and Clean & Jerk Olympic & Powerlifting workshop.


Fitness Professionals Eddie Albert and Chris Marzarella

When: Saturday 2/22/14 Ultimate Fitness in Ocean NJ with Eddie Albert (Personal trainer, CrossFit athlete and former body builder)  and Chris Marzarella (Personal trainer, NPC National Level body builder, currently in training for Strongman)

What:  Each workshop will include

  • Proper training on technique and form for the front squat and the thruster
  • Tips to help you improve your skill and perfect your form
  • Learn the best ways to incorporate both exercises into your regular training routine
  • Common mistakes people make when doing these exercises and how you can avoid them
  • A workout challenge to help you find your one rep max for both movesolympic-lift-class-nj


Click here to register for the 11:30 am or 1:00 pm Powerlifting class on Saturday 2/22.

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We are excited to kick off our series of Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics and Gymnastic workshops at Ultimate Fitness and Ultimate Fit Zone in Ocean!  These workshops will teach you the proper form for the featured exercise, help you understand why and how this exercise should be incorporated into your regular training routine and give you hands on time with our personal trainers to master the move and learn your one rep maximum.


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